Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery - 27th Edition

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery pdf free download

   Author(s): Norman Williams, P Ronan O’Connell, Andrew McCaskie    
                                    Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2018                                           
Bailey & Love is the world-famous textbook of surgery. Its comprehensive coverage includes the scientific basis of surgical practice, investigation, diagnosis, and pre-operative care. Trauma and Orthopaedics are included, as are the subspecialties of plastic and reconstructive, head and neck, cardiothoracic and vascular, abdominal and genitourinary surgery. The user-friendly format includes photographs, line diagrams, learning objectives, summary boxes, biographical footnotes, memorable anecdotes and full-colour page design. This book's reputation for unambiguous advice makes it the first point of reference for student and practising surgeons worldwide.
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Book Review:
No texts on surgery last longer than a decade. Bailey and Love's Short Surgery Practice turns 60 this year, and is going strong under Charles V. Mann and R.C.G. Russell's editorship. It is taught all over the world and used in such varied places as medical colleges and jungle clinics. No book further explains the disparity between writing the British and American textbooks than this one. It maintains a theme that has become outdated in the US. For earlier editions, the descriptive, almost abstract explanations of health conditions and their treatment remain unchanged for breadth and complexity from the present. It is precisely this pointedness that makes the book so valuable to surgeons employed in areas with minimal learning resources. In a special market the book meets a need. What's included here is important, true and unique. The subjects cover the needs of all specialties of medicine. The style emphasizes the basics and places the specifics of the procedure in small print, as if to warn the reader that while therapies come and go, illness persists. The content series in each chapter is structured to please all students and practicing surgeons. Tropical diseases receive full coverage, with illustrative images which also relate to Africa or Asia. To the American reader the novel has shortcomings. This excludes regions of real concern, such as inflammatory reaction pathophysiology, and the intricacies of neutrophil induction, cytokines, oxygen-free radicals, and the like. It reinforces the immunological perception of the acute

Pain from the surgery. Occasionally omitted information that seems essential, such as the diameter of primary breast cancers that can be adequately treated through breast conservation, and the details of alternative colon cancer staging systems. Just seven lines discuss treating colon cancer and liver metastases. Epidemiology is only stated in brief. This isn't the book to train an American Board of Surgery student. But this book is not intended exclusively for experienced western surgeons. The editors' goal is to provide "guidelines on safe and sound surgical handicraft techniques that can be applied anywhere in the world." That's why the writers emphasize the "meticulous assessment of physical signs" and agree that this principle is more important than possession of the latest technology form. An simple critique of this book is that it belies its length by the cover. The book is bulky and in the next edition it will need to be split into two volumes. And there will be another version. Too many surgeons in so many countries rely on this book to let it go missing. The Short Practice in Surgery will always be a world classic after the leading American texts have missed their audience.

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