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Vanara- The legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara


   Author(s): Anandan Neelakantan    
                                    Publisher: Penguin Random House, Year: 2018                                            

Baali and Sugreeva of the Vana Nara tribe were orphan brothers who were born in abject poverty and grew up as slaves like most of their fellow tribesmen. They were often mocked as the vanaras, the monkey men. Sandwiched between the never-ending war between the Deva tribes in the north and the Asura tribes in the south, the Vana Naras seemed to have lost all hope. But Baali was determined not to die a slave. Aided by his beloved brother, Sugreeva, Baali built a country for his people. The capital city, Kishkindha, became a beacon of hope for emancipated slaves from across the world. It was a city of the people, by the people, for the people, where there was no discrimination based on caste, creed, language or the colour of skin. For a brief period in history, it seemed as if mankind had found its ideal hero in Baali. But then fate intervened through the beautiful Tara, the daughter of a tribal physician. Loved by Baali and lusted after by Sugreeva, Tara became the cause of a fraternal war that would change history forever.
The love triangle between Baali, Tara and Sugreeva is arguably the world's first. Written by Anand Neelakantan who gave a voice to Ravana in Asura, Duryodhana in the Ajaya series and Sivagami in the Baahubali series, Vanara is a classic tale of love, lust and betrayal. Shakespearean in its tragic depth and epic in its sweep, Vanara gives voice to the greatest warrior in the Ramayana-Baali.

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Book Review:

Much of the time history is dull. It can be made fascinating though. It is only achievable when expressed in the context of a novel. There are of course few exceptions to this that includes our two main epics-Ramayana and Mahabharata. We should have seen it for n number of times in the form of a tele-serial or film.

I had the chance to read "VANARA," by Anand Neelakantan. Since he is known for his popular "Baahubali" novel, author doesn't need an introduction. He is definitely a Master Storyteller and by each and every page the book helped me know that.

We have seen literature glorifying the champions or those who came triumphant and often depicting the losers in a derogatory way. This novel is one of the examples where the author glorified the legendary "Baali" character We have to have read or learned about the protagonist 's character and his uncle, Sugreeva, too. The manner in which the characters were portrayed in this book made me aware that not all those that are perceived as good, were not good and not all the poor, are evil.

How have I really loved in this novel?

While this is a tale most of us remember, the manner in which the tale was retold made it an fascinating read. This book made me revisit my memories that includes Ahalya 's prophecy, Sage Gautama's pathini who said Sugreeva would be Baali's cause of death. The book is not an unrealistic version, but a believable one that keeps you hoked from start to finish.

I had only a few learning points from this book as well. In fact the word "Vanara" is the mixture of Vana and Nara. Indira is not the person's name but the Title and it has been decorated by others.

I liked that way, the author has explained in minute detail everything and all. I want to quote a few lines that have caught my eye among others.

"An ant came to investigate, sniffing the lone grain of rice that had dropped on the sand"

"Then the cow pen was quiet. The single cow in it kept eating cud. Flies were bumping around"

The book revolves around the three main characters and how at any instance Sugreeva, who loved Tara long before his brother could get married to her, tried to harass her. The explanation of the events will be sure to leave you in shock.

The book touched on all topics including:

1. The Kishkinda House
2. How Baali nearly brought Sambati to death
3. How did Baali slay Dundhubi
4. Why Baali vanquishes Ravana
5. Karthya Veerarjuna kidnapped Sugreeva and Ravana, and then he was slain by Parasuram.
6. The Curse of Rishi Matanga on Baali
7. Why Baali got stuck when he went following Mayavi and then the series.

This book doesn't talk about something that we don't know about, but the way it speaks / portrays will make you read again and again because it's special and written in a natural / realistic manner. Take your copy now.

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