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Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?: And Other Provocations, 2006-2012 

Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?: And Other Provocations pdf free download

   Author(s): Seth Godin  
                                    Publisher: Taxmann Publications Private Limited, Year: 2012                                           

Whatcha Gonna Do with The Duck? Made for diving in again and again? Brings the very best of Seth Godin 's beloved blog together and is a classic for old and new fans alike.

Having your ducks in a formation is a pretty good thing to do. But determining what to do with that duck is a much more important issue,' Seth Godin is famous for bestselling books like Purple Cow and cool business projects like Squidoo and the Domino Project. Yet he's best known to millions of loyal readers for the daily burst of wisdom he provides every morning, through Seth 's Blog, rain or shine.

He has written more than two million words since he began blogging in the early 1990s, and influenced the way we think about marketing, leadership, jobs, innovation , creativity, and more. Some of his writings are inspirational and others are fiery. Six years of his best, most entertaining and most reflective blog posts are collected here, plus a couple of bonus ebooks.

Godin moves us from worrying about how to handle your customers to sharing stories and spreading ideas, to think harder, dream bigger, write better and speak more frankly. The core features include:

-- An Apocalypse Marketing Lecture
-No, not everything will be perfect
-Brought bravery
-- Choose your clients and choose your future
-Paying attention to the economy
-- Godin writes bandits and philanthropists to get under our skin.
He needs us to stand up and do something extraordinary, beyond the expectations of the industrial system which has brought us up. Seth Godin is the author of thirteen worldwide bestsellers who have changed the way people think about marketing, the ways ideas are shared, leadership and progress like permission marketing, Purple Cow, All Marketers are Liars, The Dip and Tribes. He is Squidoo 's CEO and a much-popular lecturer. His blog is the world's most influential business blog and consistently one of the 100 most popular blogs on any subject.
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Book Review:

'Taking your ducks in a row is a pretty good thing to do. But it's much more important to decide what you're going to do with that duck.'
Six years of his best, most entertaining and most poignant blog posts are collected here, plus a couple of bonus ebooks. Godin pushes us from thinking about how to treat your customers to telling stories and spreading ideas, to think smarter, dream bigger, write better and speak more honestly.
Its core features include:

A publicity lesson from the Book of Revelation

No, not everything will be perfect

Organized braveness

Pick your clients, and choose your vision

Paying attention to the economy

Banditry and philanthropy

"While luck might be more appealing than effort, you 're not getting luck to choose. On the other hand, effort is totally available, all the time. "—Seth Godin, Whatcha Gon na do With That Duck

Godin 's writing about getting under our skin. He wants us to stand up and do something remarkable, beyond the standards of the industrial system which has brought us up. Whatcha Gon na Do with That Duck? Made for dipping in again and again. Is a classic for old and new fans alike.

Source: https:/www.goodreads.com/book/show/15843039-with-that-duck

BIG IDEA 1 (5:03)-Shipping alone.

The idea of perfectionism moving past — this is progress not perfection. This is about putting out things that aren't done or are not perfect. The altMBA course from Seth Goding teaches the idea that you should ship something or move forward every 48–72 hours, even if you are not 100 percent happy with that product as it is. He is a big advocate of a viable minimum product. It's just about making things happen, learning and moving as you go. He also said that this is important process and not necessarily a perfect finished product.

"When you hire awesome people and give them freedom, they do awesome things. And sheepwalkers and their bosses are just watching and shaking their heads, sure this is an exception "— Seth Godin

This is also about getting things done and doing the work. It is about getting something out into the world and changing. Seth has been posting and writing every day every single day for many years, shipping and getting things out even if it is just a few lines.

BIG IDEA 2 (7:07) — Be different, be human.

The focus of this idea is on the connection and care. It's about understanding who you're talking to and what you want to see change in yourself. It gets so close to your customers and finds out what is important to them or what does not matter to them. What do they like about themselves, the situation, the product or the service, no matter what marketing you are.

"Waiting for inspiration is another way to say you 're at a standstill. You 're not looking for inspiration; you 're asking it to appear. "—Seth Godin, Whatcha Gon na Do With That Duck

It's about being exceptional and standing out. He is very large in questioning the status quo — especially in education. You can easily see that in all of its substance as it questions the manner in which we are educated not just in school but also in organisations. He says that, since we are so busy adhering to the rules, a lot of capacity is not used. Many organizations are not designed to enable people to do what they can and be outstanding.

Through using your brain to stand out with your goods and services, that will come from the brand 's viewpoint. This way you can create differentiation with your customers, create tribes or connections and have a conversation going on.

"The universal truth is beyond question — those who have decided to do so are the only people who excell. Great doctors or speakers or skiers, writers or musicians are great because they made the choice somewhere along the way. "Seth Godin

BIG IDEA 3 (10:28)-Consistency is essential.

This links to the number one idea — only ship. All of the ideas about which Seth is talking comes down to the idea of consistency, especially when paired with connection. Getting things done or almost daily shipping, moving ahead and getting better. Connect continuously with your customers, tribe and people around you.

It's also about getting over the fears. One example is due to fear doing nothing. Ask yourself; which is the bigger fear, make something and make a mistake or do nothing. Consistency is also how you get good, and after thirty years of being consistent and getting better, Seth is testament to this by being so well known in his field.

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